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Album Care Tips

Ensure your album stands the test of time

It is important that you treat your album with care. Prevention is always better than cure!

Protect your album from knocks that could dent, scratch or abrade the surface. Always use both hands when lifting it, and never lift it by one cover. Be sure to place your album on a clean surface that will not transfer any dirt or grime onto the cover, and always ensure that hands are clean when viewing it.

In the event of accidental damage to your album (for example, marks on the surface), we do not recommend using commercial solvent-based products, some of which may damage or discolour it.

Never leave your album in hot, damp or humid areas. Never display or leave it in direct sunlight. Never leave it for long periods in a hot, closed vehicle, especially in direct sunlight. Such conditions are harmful to all books. Always leave your album closed when not being viewed. For long-term storage, it should be kept in its presentation box or Carrying Case.


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